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Home of the ARiUSB (Patent Pending)

Small footprint Allstar USB radio interface with ACT, PTT, COR Led's, 3 GPIO and CM119 Audio Chip.
Input USB Power filtering.

When used with the right software all settings are software controlled with little to no adjustments.
Knowledge of Electronics, Computers and Linux is required to interface this device.
Best when used with Linux!

For ARiUSB Support

Right click on picture select view image to enlarge
           First test of the Radio-less board       RJ45-2-MaxMod     DB9-2-Alinco & More

I am also working on a radio module about the same size that will be about the size of a Pi-Star with the CM119A combined, A Radio-Star if you will!

Right click on picture select view image to enlarge
               ARiUSB Ver 1.5                          bottom labeled pin function         System with Raspberry Pi3 portable    Portable Node with a Smarti
                                                                                                                         Node With HobbyPCB RS-UV3             Pi Touch case and wireless
The Smarti Pi Touch and wireless keyboard make changes on the go without a full size monitor makes it a better Portable!!

Ordered New Ver 2.0 of the ARiUSB for testing, here is a look at the new board

It will come with a DB9 that you can strap any configuration you need to hook up to any radio! Just strap the IO to any pin
on the DB9 or use straight wires!
New ARiRADIO shield first exclusive look at the Raspberry Pi radio shield with V/UHF 1 Watt programmable radios

My beta testing should be starting in the ne3072xt week! Stay Tuned!
Update on the ARiRadio. Got the first prototype boards came in and got one populated and tested found some issues.
Made some changes to the board to better work with the Pi. Here is a picture of the first and second try waiting to come in
from the board house this weekend for the second go round.
ARiRadio V1.0 first
                      run          ARiRadio second
                      go round
First Run with good results!      Second try much more function

This will work on the Pi as a true Shield and to be controlled By the Pi!
Able to make this frequency agile and work with DTMF and the Macros for true remote control!
or programmable to use stand-alone.

****** 04/23/2019
--------> I decided not to build the Web radio or radio-less interface. <-----------
I would be happy to sell the boards I have made up to anyone that would like to build one of  radio-less interfaces as a kit I'll send you the boards for $20 + shipping and the information I have and you build it yourself. I'll also consider throwing in a ARiUSB at 15% of my regular cost (Limit one)

Let me know what you think! Send me an email and will discuss this (your) project! \                                                                                        *********************

USPS domestic shipping via US Postal Service

Terms: Prepaid via Postal Money Order or PayPal

To order, or for more information, Please contact Marty via e-mail I will send my phone number in special cases, as I have a real job during the weekday. I hope you understand. You can send me your phone number and I can call you during reasonable hours in EST.

I hope is that this projects help more people get started with AllStar Link and all it's Great No Limitations like IRLP. I am also taking input from users of AllStar Link to help make a better product for us Ham's, so let us get started! It all starts from USHAM's

Click and see the New Ham's Project Page of Node they built from the ARiUSB! Thank you all!

Buy the ARiUSB!




*** If you are in need of a project. I am now going to offer PCB Board service to help build your project board. ***
Give me an email and will talk about your project!


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