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Home of the ARiUSB (patients pending)

Small footprint Allstar USB radio interface with ACT, PTT, COR Led's, 3 GPIO and CM119 Audio Chip.
Input USB Power filtering.
Link for getting the other GPIO pins working. Thanks Guys!
The original page is no longer there please see the link to that page can still be seen.
Click on the Dec 31, 2017 link on the calendar for that page. 
 Let me know how it works out for you!

The COR Led is used for software troubleshooting the COR signal software controlled to help you with problems.
USB power is filtered with Hi, Low pass filtering. With new chip using the CM119A sound chip like most sound fobs bought,
bought to be modified, this is kind of middle road, simple, small and inexpensive. Designed after a modified Audio Fob.
Each one sent out is 100% functional tested to ensure they work as intended!
I am also testing the same circuit with the CM119B that does not use an external Osc. I'll let you know how that going soon!

When used with the right software all settings are software controlled with little to no adjustments.
Knowledge of Electronics, Computers and Linux is required to interface this device.
If you'd like to solder your own board and parts I'm working on putting an SMD kit together.
Maybe $15 + shipping. Ask if I have them. Let know what you think? Maybe after the New Year!

**Coming soon, Radio-less Node board that will plug directly on top of the ARiUSB allowing you to connect to an external local speaker
and Mic on your radio bench with your other equipment. Stay Tuned! - I'm going to be back on track! Had a ruff dip. Stay tuned!(7/20/18)

Right click on picture select view image to enlarge
               ARiUSB Ver 1.5                          bottom labeled pin function         System with Raspberry Pi3 portable    Portable Node with a Smarti
                                                                                                                         Node With HobbyPCB RS-UV3             Pi Touch case and wireless
The Smarti Pi Touch and wireless keyboard make changes on the go without a full size monitor makes it a better Portable!!

Click and see the New Ham's Project Page of Node they built from the ARiUSB! Thank you all!

Interface connection is a standard 14 pin .100 x.100 centers for common ribbon or wires cable to what ever connector you need for hookup to
your RF System. Labels of each connection is imprinted on the bottom copper layer.
This is the connector I used, the link is for information only ClickHere

Pin assignment

Allstar Signals DMK-URI-DB25 Alinco HobbyPCB RS-UV3 ARiUSB

DB25 Female DB9 Male DB9 Male .100 x .100 center
COR 8 1 5             J2-7 (COR)
RX AUDIO 21 4 1             J2-9 (LOUT)
GND 19, 20 5 3             J2-11,12,13,14
PTT 1 7 2             J2-2
TX AUDIO 22 9 4             J2-8 (MIC)


Current version of the schematics ariusb-v1.5-sch.pdf
Led Function and Connector Pinout

If you have a domestic or foreign Amateur radio license to receive this offer for $35 and *2 Day Priority USPS shipping Free* ( as of Jan 1, 2018)
If you don't have
domestic or foreign Amateur radio license then the price per unit is $50 plus shipping costs.
domestic or foreign Amateur radio license Must be current active status!

*** Important ***: please Email your amateur radio call sign license number along with your name and shipping address to us in order to qualify for this Ham Radio offer to my fellow hams! Must be current and active status!

Also, please tell me a little about your application. I Would like to help in any way I can. And I will send you PayPal instructions. 

Standard shipping times are 2 - 3 days domestic, 1 week international.

*2 Day Priority USPS shipping Free** in the Continental USA, I will ship outside the Continental USA please contact me for rates. I accept Paypal. Again, please Email your Amateur radio call sign / license number along with your name and shipping address to us in order to qualify for this Ham Radio offer to my fellow hams and to better our Hobby to Marty, kd4hlv (@)

*** Warranty ***  is on Workmanship only! No Returns on Burned or Non-Working boards. As there are so may ways these can be hooked up to so many systems configurations errors can crop up. Please Double check your connections. If you still don't know please contact me as I will help as much as I can to get you hooked up and NOT burned up. If I don't know, I know several others that do.

All boards as sold AS-IS! I Test each board prior to shipping making sure they are in working condition before they are shipped. Make sure
your address in PayPal is correct not responsible for shipping to the wrong address.
If something happens they will be address to each individual case. I do not make a BIG profit off these boards but just enough help recoup Production and Shipping costs to pass that savings and the lowest price to my folks in Ham Radio to help evolve the Allstar Network!

I will add PayPal buttons, but still trying to figure out how to add them to my page, so bear with me,
unless someone could help out with that! TNX!

Qty discounts as follows...
1-2  boards at $35 ea
3-4  boards at $30 ea

*** Please read Warranty and Notice before ordering, and Please check your Shipping Address! I'm not responsible for shipping errors.
Again, please Email your Amateur Radio call sign license number along with your name and shipping address to us in order to qualify for this Ham Radio offer to my fellow hams and to better our Hobby to Marty, kd4hlv (@)




*** If you are in need of a project. I am now going to offer PCB Board service to help build your project board. ***
Give me an email and will talk about your project!


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